Would New York Have Been Able to Handle Housing Amazon’s Hq2?

Would New York have been able to handle housing Amazon’s HQ2?
Martin: Yes. New York has more than enough inventory. The additional jobs that would have been brought in would be negligible compared to the overall job growth.
Do you think Amazon's HQ2 would have had an overall positive or negative impact on NYC real estate? (Keep in mind, many expected the recent stock market debuts of San Francisco’s Uber, Lyft, Pinterest and Slack — collectively worth more than $120 billion — to create a buying frenzy in San Francisco, which is already the country’s most expensive housing market but recent reports say the buyers have not shown up).
Martin: The impact would be neutral. Again the initial jobs created were negligible compared to the overall growth of jobs. Also, most people moving to NYC will rent for a year to decide if they like the area before committing to a 7-figure + purchase.
Did it make a difference to NYC real estate that Amazon revoked their HQ2 decision? Why, why not?
Martin: This seems to be the same question asked differently. :) The effect of them pulling out was neutral. The declining housing market in NYC is due to factors beyond Amazon HQ2.
Has the LIC market in particular suffered because Amazon never came?
Martin: LIC is one of the big success stories of the 2010's in the nation. Again, Amazon would have helped but it would have not had the same impact as is cited in Arlington.
Is there anything else you’d like us to know regarding the impact of Amazon’s HQ2, aka its absence?
Martin: From my perspective, the only people that got burned from Amazon pulling out were greedy speculators looking to make a quick buck.

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