Non-Owner Occupied

A large percentage of properties the Martin Eiden Team sells are non-owner occupied.

These properties have unique challenges:

→ Who will prepare the property for sale?

  • Repairing broken items.
  • Painting.
  • Removing and storing clutter items.
  • Rearranging furniture.
  • Maintaining appearances during its sale. → How to deal with tenants?
  • Helping to get the property ready for sale.
  • Keeping the property clean and neat (i.e., making the bed and cleaning dirty dishes.)
  • Scheduling showings during reasonable hours.
  • Organizing open houses.

The Martin Eiden Team offers the following services to help an absent owner:

→ Movers and a storage facility.
→ Full-time handyman, painter and light construction expert.
→ Cleaning crew.
​​​​​​​→ Interior design experience for furniture flow and arrangement.

When applicable, the Martin Eiden Team partners with tenants in the sale as opposed to being adversarial (which is often the case). This is achieved by offering:

→ Possible rent incentives.
→ Possible lease break options.
→ Use of the above mentioned services by the Martin Eiden Team.

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