What Are Your Thoughts on Netflix Plans to Expand Its New York City Footprint With New Production Centers in Brooklyn and Manhattan?

At the end of the day, NYC is a high-tech hub in the US and world. The free-thinking energy, diversity as a strength and can-do spirit attracts the best talent in the world.
As a world capital in high-tech (along with finance, advertising, fashion, media) real estate values will continue to rise as demand grows.
Retrospectively, Amazon must realize the are going to miss out on a tremendous opportunity by not having a HQ2 here. Not sure why they got scared off by a few steaming leftist liberals. Likewise, I can empathize with people worried about affordable housing. However, without tax dollars generated from salaries of people working on new companies moving here, affordable housing (as well as transportation and education) will not grow or be maintained. Instead it will crumble (literally).

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