Tiny Homes


From the reporter:
There is this 200 square foot “shed” people are outraged to see listed for rent for over $1k per month in San Diego. I am noticing a trend with these super tiny places, listed for quite a high amount (for what they offer/how small they are) in California or New York.

Can any of your agents help me with the following?

  • Have they seen these mini listings before? In California or in New York?
  • Do they have any comment on the “affordable housing crisis?”
  • Are they surprised at this listing price? Any comment on this specific listing or “micro-homes” would be helpful.

“Tiny Homes” are not just about living in a small affordable space. It is about purging your life (and lifestyle) of excess and unnecessary things. Think “anti-consume as-much-as-you-can”.

Tiny homes often have many “James Bond gadgets” so it would make sense the rent would he higher (in terms of $/ft) than normal housing.

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