The Central Park $110 Million Project

"The nonprofit group that manages Central Park is planning the largest project it has undertaken in its nearly 40 years: a $110 million investment in the mostly forgotten northern corner, which may not be on many tourists’ itineraries but which is a vital backyard to surrounding blocks where green space is scarce."
1. How do you think this will affect property prices in the neighborhoods that hug the northern end of Central Park?
Martin: Central Park North has always been my favorite part of Central Park.  It's a real neighborhood park (where people picnic), not a tourist destination.  The improvements will have property prices rise.  Buy now...anything that you can afford!
2. Do you currently have any listings in this area? If yes, please send a link.
Sorry, no.
3. What do you think of this major investment?
Martin:  This is a great investment that is long overdue.

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