New Politically Correct Terms in Real Estate

The Real Deal is writing about terms that are getting phased out/used with careful circumstances because of their icky associations. She has narrowed down her search.
Martin: Overall. While not a scholar of the English Language, I do know it is constantly evolving and meanings of words or phrases change over time. Such as “Bad” means “Amazing” in 80’s slang. While the history of a phrase may have a derogatory past, the present has been redefined.
She will be writing about these three “icky” terms:
1. Nursery/Maid's quarters being referred to instead as "extra space,
Martin: Usually “Maid’s Room” is reserved for pre-war classic 6s and 7s. While 99% of the buyers would not use it as a maids room, it does signify a bedroom that can fit only a twin size bed and is often off the kitchen. Some brokers still like to use the term maids room to exude old-world charm. Others just call it a bedroom.
2. "his and her's" anything being referred to now as double, I guess?
Martin: I’m still seeing his & hers baths and not anything to replace it. Maybe duel baths? Or play it off as a joke when showing...his and hers, his and his, hers and hers.
3. Master bathroom being changed to en-suite bath.
Of all the terms, I see this one staying the longest. There are no other terms out there that denote the owner’s bedroom. En-suite baths are now common in secondary bedrooms.

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