Is Winter A Great Time To Buy?

Last December, compiled a list of the top six reasons why winter is a great time to buy, from sellers being more motivated to the simple fact that it's an easier time to hire movers. We’d love to expand on this and update it, now that winter is right around the corner.
Our questions for you are (you don't need to answer every single one! This is just to give you pointers).
1. Do you think winter is a good time to buy?
Martin: YES!!! Winter is a great time to get deals...especially from sellers who need to sell NOW. If you live in a climate that has snow or trees that have leaves fall off, ask for photos of the yard/landscaping.  Also, movers are less expensive in the winter as they are not that busy.
2. If so, what are the top reasons why winter is a good time to buy?
Martin: You can get a deal from a seller who needs to sell now...think job relocation. Also less competition from other buyers.
3. How is it better than any other season?
Martin: See above.
4. Do you have a different approach with winter buyers than with spring buyers or summer buyers? Why, why not?
Martin: As I'm Manhattan/Brooklyn based the winter season and summers slow (as people are away for the summer). However, if I lived in another part of the country, I would carefully layout the benefits of buying in the winter (get a great deal, no competition, cheaper movers, etc.) far outweigh the hassle of moving in the middle of a school year and colder weather.
5. IF winter is a great time to buy, how do you communicate this to your clients? Do you have marketing in place that specifically talks about this?
Martin: these last questions I cannot answer with authority since my winter market is always busy.  :)
6. Does winter equal winter? In other words, what's the best month of winter to buy?
7. What about open house traffic, does it dramatically slow down in the winter months?
8. Do you feel that winter buyers are more motivated because if they get out there in the cold, they must REALLY want to find something?
9. Do you think winter is a good time to buy?

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