Is There One Specific Apartment Layout You Like Best and Why?

Is there one specific apartment layout you like best and why? Is the layout of an apartment one of the first things to consider when looking for a place?

My favorite layouts are ones that separate the public spaces (living, dining, library, kitchen) from the private spaces (bedrooms, home office, media room). This allows parents (or one homeowner) to entertain while the kids (other homeowners) can do their own thing. I also like a proper foyer...a place for someone to collect themself before entering the rest of the apt or leaving. Some of my pet peeves layouts are entering the apartment with the kitchen directly in front of you or split bedrooms where there is no delineation of public and private space.

With a degree in architectural engineering, layout and flow are very important to me. I always look at layouts before photos. Great layouts are important. It is one thing to re-tile a bath or put in new kitchen cabinets. It is another to “re-imagine” a space. The cost difference is in multiples.


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