Gilded Age Amenities

The story premise: we are going to talk a little bit about Gilded Age amenities (the crazier the better), but the focus of the story is going to shift to buildings in the city that were built 1879-1919 (ish) that have come into their own again in the 21st century.
So, thinking the piece might end up with an Upper West Side focus, since the Chatworth, Astor, Belnord, Ansonia, etc., are all classic buildings that have new life. He is not limited to the Upper West Side -- indeed, if there are buildings like this anywhere in the city, he’d take a look. He is definitely more interested in buildings like the Ansonia that were glamorous.... went through a period of being decidedly unglamorous... and now are making a comeback.
Basically, how are older buildings being retrofitted for new buyers? What appeals to a buyer who wants state-of-the-art living but also values an older, more prestigious address?
Do you have any insight/listings that fit this? Or know of any? Basically, buildings that were 1879-1919 (ish) and are having a comeback...and why?
The song Everything Old is New Again is playing in my head. What makes these gilded age properties in demand again is their combination of traditional living with modern wants. Until the last '70s, New Yorkers favored traditional layouts...a defined living room, dining room, separate kitchen, etc. Staring in the '50s ceiling height go lower and lower to save on construction costs and minimize wasted energy to heat/cool spaces.  In the late '70s loft living came of age. Large open spaces with big windows and high ceilings. Over the last 40 years, property owners enjoyed the large windows and high spaces but learned about the shortcomings of "Open Concept Living". The shortcomings are high noise levels (i.e. the TV on) and seeing a dirty kitchen while eating a grand meal (not very appetizing). Gilded age properties have large windows, high ceilings AND defined separate rooms. Viola, the best of both worlds. :)

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