Could NYC Become the New Home for the British Royals?

1. What are some buildings//listing addresses you would recommend they look at and why?
The most private would be a townhouse. However, I would advise a newer constructed townhouse that is connected to an adjacent condo building. They could enter the condo via a garage or coach porche and go to their townhouse via a connected underground tunnel.
2. What neighborhoods are the most fitting for the royals?
The West Village and East End Avenue feature the aforementioned property types. Both neighborhoods are pristine, full of character, unassuming and welcomes quiet money.
3. Let’s assume the royals would move to New York City. Do you think they’d be a good addition to the New York City population? Why, why not?
It’s really no secret that they plan to monetize their celebrity (think Kardashians) but tastefully. New York really is the only city for them. Also NYC is now the co-capital of high-tech and that is really on brand of who they are.
4. Would they feel comfortable in New York? See above.
5. Anything else you’d like to contribute to this story?
New York is one of the few cities on the planet that allows your to reinvent yourself....over and over again if you wish. The energies of the royals and NYC would feed of each other.

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