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I am working on a story with a contributor to multiple top outlets. She’s looking into the trend of building co-working spaces into residential buildings.
She wants to speak to a residential agent on how appealing these spaces are to tenants (if they are in fact of interest to tenants), etc.
Do you have thoughts on this and firsthand experiences with buyers/renters looking for buildings with co-working space?
I would be happy to talk about this. While the co-working amenity may seem new, it is actually an evolution of a few amenities that already exist. Condos and rentals have had business centers and resident lounges for years. The co-working space is essentially the combination of the two. I foresee resident lounges becoming co-working spaces from 10-3 pm M-F, then reverting to lounges in the evenings and weekends.
It's interesting, Brink Underground cited rentals only.

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