1. Older amenities that maybe faded away but are making a comeback (private dining rooms fit this bill).
  2. New amenities that are in the spirit of older ones but are 21st century (not sure of examples of this yet).
  3. Maybe including a few things that are veering toward obsolesce from the "golden age" of apartment living that are are still holding on in a few places.

Do you have any thoughts for this? Examples? Listings with examples?
An old world amenity that is making comeback in existing buildings and coveted in new ultra-luxury buildings is a separate small apartment designed for staff...or know as the "maid's room". Originally one step-up in snobbery, having a maids rooms on a completely separate floor was more prestigious than one in the apartment (hello Edwardian-five, classic-six and classic-seven). They were generally a studio or one-bedroom with ensuite bath and maybe a kitchenette.  While some are still used for modern staff (an au pair or caregiver for an elderly person), most are used as a home office, guest apartment or refined "man-cave".
Starting with the Time Warner Center nearly 20 years ago, each residential tower has a floor of smaller one-bedroom apartments. Today, almost all of the new towers on Billionaires Row have them. However, this must-have amenity is rarely (if ever) posted on a website, brochure or even in the initial sale presentation. Rather, it is told to a select group of brokers who have ultra high-end clients and used as an enticement to bring their clients in. i.e. For the larger units, the developer has reserved the opportunity to buy a guest apartment for staff or family. Usually, they have no view and finishes not the same but you do get access to all the building amenities. One huge caveat, you can only sell these units with yours or to someone who already owns in the building. You don't want some merely rich person buying to hobnob with the super-rich. :)

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