14th Street - Since It Became a Car Free Zone


One of our agents let us know what their clients were saying about 14th Street since it became a car free zone. Here is what the client had to say:

Most of the people I've talked to hate it because you can't get a taxi in front of the building and it is now very difficult to be dropped off here. The other article about the Street Closures around St. Patrick's and RC were equally distressing. Midtown will be impassable during the holidays.

We are curious what other buyers, sellers, and renters are saying about this car free zone on 14th Street and if it is impacting them.

As I work on 16th Street and Fifth Ave, I see the pros and cons daily.

The good news is 14th Street is quiet and that probably is great for those who live on the street.

The bad news is 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th streets now have backed up bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Overall it forces people (myself included) to use public transportation more often. And that is good for the environment. :)

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