Fort Greene

Fort Greene is a beloved Brooklyn neighborhood that's diverse and accessible.



A historically and culturally rich neighborhood.
Fort Greene is a beloved Brooklyn neighborhood that's diverse and accessible. Beyond the lush greenery of Fort Greene Park, you'll find bustling flea markets, Renowned cultural institutions and a thriving entertainment scene - all anchored by a refreshingly tight-knit community.

Fort Greene has long played an important role in Brooklyn’s artistic and cultural movement. In centuries past the neighborhood was home to writers Walt Whitman and John Steinbeck, and today serves as the stomping grounds for notable artists like filmmaker Spike Lee and musician Erykah Badu. The mellow environment and picturesque construction produce an energy that fuels creativity and inspiration for those who call the neighborhood home.


A mix of longtime residents and a newer fashionable, trendsetting crowd.
Today, that cultural and artistic curiosity still abides, carried on by the eclectic residents of Fort Greene. The neighborhood has been heralded for diversity across a number of different categories, including ethnicity, income level, and profession. These divergent influences come together to create a well-rounded and balanced community. Fort Greene is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to settle down outside of Manhattan. The neighborhood offers a more relaxed pace while still maintaining a youthful, vibrant energy. Fort Greene has also become a popular choice for those who enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and spacious real-estate options in the neighborhood.


A neighborhood that’s both community-driven and culturally relevant.
Living in Fort Greene feels like being part of a bona fide community, one where neighborhood kids grow up playing friendly basketball games against each other or residents enjoy quiet moments out on their stoops, greeting neighbors as they pass by throughout the day. But don’t let the homey feel of Fort Greene fool you; the neighborhood is anything but suburban, as evidenced by its popular and influential cultural institutions. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, MoCADA and Greenlight Bookstores draw thought leaders from across the disciplines perform and contribute to the neighborhood’s artistic body of work.


Well-balanced. Relaxing days spent in Fort Greene Park, shopping at Brooklyn Flea, and exploring local bars and restaurants at night.
One of Fort Greene’s main staple is Fort Greene Park, a sprawling 30-acre public space in the center of the neighborhood. The park draws visitors from around Brooklyn to get active playing basketball or tennis, or to enjoy the perks of relaxation by reclining in a hammock or a grassy knoll. Another main draw is the Fort Greene outpost of Brooklyn Flea, a popular outdoor market on Lafayette and Vanderbilt. On weekends, the lot transforms into an day-long commercial hub, selling food, furniture, clothing and trinkets and knick-knacks of all kinds. Fort Greene is also known for its low-key restaurant scene, with predominantly casual options for dining. In the summer especially, the sidewalks are dotted with patrons enjoying their meal out in the sun. Habana Post is a popular local hotspot, where delicious Cuban food is complemented by a festive, communal atmosphere.


Those looking for non-stop nightlife outside of their doorstep.

Fort Greene isn’t well suited for anyone looking for an all-night party scene. Entertainment here is relatively relaxed and rarely ever gets rowdy or boisterous. Instead, you’ll find easygoing bars, lounges and restaurants like Chez Oskar or Red Lantern Bicycle where you can often enjoy a drink along with live music.


Predominantly brownstones and row houses, and a few doorman and walk-up buildings.

Most residents in Fort Greene find homes in the neighborhood’s beautifully constructed and well-groomed brownstones. You can also find space in row houses, many of which are either converted for a single family or apartments for use by couples or roommates. There are also a handful of doorman and walk-up buildings, although these are more difficult to find and often have very low vacancy rates.


Fort Greene’s strong sense of character, defined by new and old community bonds.

Fort Greene feels like a neighborhood that’s been lovingly worn-in, with rich history and character. Here, it’s common to see neighbors congregating on stoops and catching up as the day winds down. Kids run after the neighborhood ice cream truck, neighbors plan block parties, and there’s an all-around spirit of inclusiveness and warmth throughout the neighborhood. As a famous Brooklyn poet once wrote (and rapped), “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.” Here in Fort Greene, it's the only way.

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