Alex Maghoub

Alex Maghoub

Alex provides clients with guidance, resources, and the support they need to be successful. He is a tenacious partner that’s adept at guiding others through all economic markets, whether bull or bear.

Taking his family values to heart, Alex works harder and smarter guaranteeing a positive outcome. A natural born problem solver, with an uncanny ability to think outside the box, Alex quickly became an expert at identifying others’ needs and providing a hands-on approach and plan to help his clients achieve their goals.

“It always comes down to the customer experience,” Alex believes. “Every client is counting on you to be the game changer - the broker that secures the deal on the apartment of their dreams.”

Having completed over 300 residential transactions, Alex is familiar with all aspects of buying, renting, and selling apartments across Manhattan & Brooklyn. His client testimonials (available at www.AlexMahgoub.com) are a testament to his ability to perform at the highest level possible for a variety of clientele. His negotiation skills, upbeat energy, diplomacy, and diligence make him a superior asset in any real estate transaction. Alex’s primary intent is always about providing a “wow” experience.

An avid reader of Barron’s and Bloomberg Businessweek, Alex enjoys trading equities and following financial markets. Travelling is his greatest hobby. Memorable visits include: Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, England, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. Originally from New Jersey, Alex now lives in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

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